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Every Freedom Partner reminds the world that hope is on the way.

Today, you can send rescue and protection to people in poverty by giving monthly.

Today, there are people who are suffering under the oppression of human trafficking.

They are men, women and children—people with hopes and dreams, all yearning for the opportunity to thrive in freedom. You can fight with them.


At IJM we know how to put an end to human trafficking and modern day slavery through propelling a movement of rescue, restoration and protection. But our efforts are dependent on a committed, relentless community of monthly donors known as Freedom Partners.

Send Rescue

Your monthly gift allows IJM to show up, day after day, for the most vulnerable.

Create Long-Term Impact

By giving monthly, you invest in long-term solutions to protect survivors and stop the violence for good

Protect Survivors

You ensure that survivors of violence receive aftercare support so that they stay safe and their abusers held accountable.

It’s people like you that drive our work from rescue to restoration.

As a Freedom Partner, you will support IJM in sending urgent rescue, every month, to those who need it most—and help to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery worldwide. In addition, you will join a thriving and committed community of supporters who are making justice unstoppable.

Become a Freedom Partner.


From last-minute rescues to lasting restoration, Freedom Partners help us do it all.

Rescue Victims

We find people in vulnerable communities that are suffering from violence and oppression and bring them to safety.

HK$250 per month

can help fund a part of a rescue operation.

Restore Survivors

We provide trauma therapy and counselling to survivors, and give them the training and tools to thrive again.

HK$450 per month

can help provide trauma-informed counselling

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Restrain Criminals

We work relentlessly in court to ensure traffickers, slave owners and other criminals cannot hurt others.

HK$800 per month

can help send lawyers to represent the poor

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Strengthen Justice Systems

We are transforming justice systems to protect more than 150 million vulnerable people around the world.

HK$2,000 per month

can help train police, lawyers and judges

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Freedom Partners are the heartbeat of rescue.