Stop Forced Scamming

Right now, victims are being trafficked, trapped and forced to scam people like you and me – under the threat of brutal violence.

This crime affects all of us.

We urgently need your help to stop it.

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Forced scamming is rapidly spreading in Asia Pacific

Thousands of victims are trapped in compounds surrounded by electric fences. Unable to escape, they’re being forced to scam people around the world.

There are victims at every level of this crime, from the people trafficked and made to scam, to people in places like Hong Kong, Singapore and other parts of Asia who are losing life savings.

IJM is one of the leading organisations responding to this new form of trafficking.

Together with authorities, we’ve already made a significant impact in Cambodia by bringing over 200 people to safety from scamming compounds. But there is more work to be done.

The Impact of Your Monthly Donation

As a Freedom Partner, your monthly donation helps rescue and bring people to safety from forced scamming, sends them onto the path of recovery and restores hope in their lives.

HK$2,000 per month

could cover the cost of a legal team for a month in a year, as they work to hold traffickers to account.

HK$1,000 per month

could pay for vital trauma counselling for survivors of slavery.

HK$500 per month

could provide essential food for 75 survivors of forced scamming in a year, many of whom have had limited access to food or even faced starvation.

Thanks to the support of people like you, IJM was able to bring Miracle to safety.

“When I managed to leave the compound with other trafficked victims, I understood the real meaning of freedom.”  Miracle

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