Forced Labour Slavery

Human trafficking and forced labour is happening in our region.

Our teams in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand are strategically located to respond swiftly.

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Across Southeast Asia, workers fall prey to exploitative recruiters and employers

Migrant workers represent the majority of the region’s 4.2 million people living in modern slavery. Networks of recruiters, brokers and employers exploit migrants’ vulnerability, luring them with attractive promises of work and trapping them in industries such as fishing, domestic servitude and more recently online scamming.

Traffickers and employers inflict a range of physical, psychological and labour rights abuses on more than half of all migrant workers—often using deception, coercion and even violence to recruit, transport and hold workers without proper documentation. Even without crossing borders, many workers are exploited in factories and on farms and vessels within their home countries.

Different Forms of Forced Labour Slavery

Cross-border Labour Trafficking

Domestic Forced Labour

Online Scamming Forced Labour

This issue of human trafficking is close to home.

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