Celebrate Moms of Courage and Resilience

This Mother’s Day, honour your mom or loved ones with a meaningful jewellery and a life-changing gift that helps families thrive in freedom.

IJM x DEROR: Mother’s Day Special

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a mom you love? This Mother’s Day, by becoming a freedom partner (monthly gift of $250) or making a single gift of $580 or above, you will receive a gold-plated Calla Lily Necklace* made of freshwater pearl, uniquely handcrafted by Deror Jewellery.

We hope that this special design would bring out the beauty and elegance of each individual moms or women, and serve as a reminder of the life-changing impact you are making on families like Thaiyamma’s.

Conceived in Slavery, Born in Freedom

Before Bablu was born, Thaiyamma’s family went to work at a wood-cutting facility to pay off a debt with their daily wages. But what they thought was a good job quickly turned into a life of slavery.

The slave owner forced them to work from daybreak to nightfall without giving them adequate food, rest or pay. As the abuse grew worse and when Thaiyamma realised she was pregnant, she knew she must do something to protect her family.

Only a few days before Bablu was born, IJM and local authorities staged a rescue operation, and it was the heavily pregnant Thaiyamma who stepped forward boldly to speak about all the torment they had endured.

Because of the courage of a resilient mother like Thaiyamma, and the partnership of people like you, IJM intervened in her family’s life and got to witness not only their rescue, but Bablu being born safely and into freedom!

Will you send a gift today to help families like Thaiyamma’s thrive in freedom?

你的每月捐款將有助我們 rescue victims restore survivors like Thaiyamma, restrain criminals like the slave owner, and 加強司法系統 through training police and local authorities to protect people living in poverty from violence.

*Necklace length is 43cm. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery (Hong Kong address only) after your donation is processed. Offer available until 8 May, 2022 while stocks last.

Because of supporters like you, Thaiyamma and her family are thriving in freedom.

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